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Licensing and Product Use

I need assistance downloading 国家授权正规彩票

We're here to help and have some great resources to help you download our products. Start by checking out our page. If you are unable to resolve your issue then contact our support team.

Where can I download past versions of 国家授权正规彩票?

We maintain a repository of past versions of 国家授权正规彩票 Desktop and 国家授权正规彩票 Server on our Alternate Downloads Site. If you can't find the specific version you are looking for then drop us a note at customerservice@tableau.com.

I need product support

We're always here to help you get the most out of 国家授权正规彩票. Get help quickly by submitting a support request. Our product experts are waiting for you!

Do I qualify for an academic license?

Students and Instructors at accredited academic institutions are eligible for free licenses of 国家授权正规彩票 Desktop. How cool is that? Visit our Academic Pages to learn more and request a license.

Already own an academic license? If you have a question or issue with your academic license then feel free to reach out to our Academic team at tft@tableau.com.


Purchase 国家授权正规彩票
I want to purchase 国家授权正规彩票

Our sales team is standing by to guide your purchase and address any questions. Contact a salesperson now via our online form and we'll reach out to you shortly.

Are you ready to buy immediately? Purchase 国家授权正规彩票 Desktop from our and get started with your fully supported license in a few minutes.

How do I contact a local sales office?

We're a global company with dozens of locations worldwide. Get in touch with a sales office near you.


Website Feedback, Question, or Issue
Where can I report broken links, typos, and generally wackadoodle stuff?

Let's face it, sometimes things happen. If you found a broken link, stale content, or a typo we'd love to hear from you. Please choose one of the aliases below based on the section of the website you encountered the issue on. If you are not sure then please drop us a note at website-content@tableau.com.

Trouble logging into the site?

The best place to start is to account password. If that doesn’t resolve the issue then please and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.

Access to a page was denied

If you were denied access to a specific page please check to make sure you are logged in using your 国家授权正规彩票 ID. Access the Sign-In portal from the website's header. On rare occasions you may hold insufficient permissions to access a given page. It's also possible that the page was referenced by mistake in promotional materials. If you believe this is the case then please drop us a note at website-content@tableau.com.

Videos appear broken/My screen is black/I received an error message

Brightcove, our video hosting provider, may be blocked within your network. You'll likely need to contact your IT department and review if your organization's network is preventing video playback from Brightcove.

If this doesn’t resolve it then please refer to the that should be enabled in order for videos to work and refer to the set of You may also want to try installing the latest version of and ensure JavaScript is enabled in your browser.

As a last resort, you can always download the videos from each video detail page. Find the link labeled MP4 to download and watch.

The most common error messages that you may receive while trying to access On-Demand Training Videos are the following:

  • 200, Stream not found
  • The video connection was lost, please confirm you are connected to the internet. Error Code: MEDIA_ERR_NETWORK

Form Submission Problems

The form isn’t working as I expected

Our forms are designed to work globally, but validation can occasionally get in the way. Try re-entering your "Location" to reset the fields that depend on it (state and zip). If one or more fields don’t apply to you, feel free to enter “n/a” or “none”.

If you get stuck please email us at marketing-webteam@tableau.com.

The form keeps appearing

Our website uses browser cookies to retain your information after you use the form. Please try the following:

  • Try clearing your browser cookies for the www.tableau.com domain. Depending on your browser, follow the instructions below to selectively clear cookies, or just clear them all.
  • Alternatively, you may need to enable cookies in your browser to ensure the form functions properly.

Access detailed instructions on how to manage cookies for , , , and at the links provided. You can always contact us via email at marketing-webteam@tableau.com.

My Question hasn’t been addressed

Not to worry! While most issues are covered by one or more of the options presented, you can always submit a General Inquiry on our Contact Us page.