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Revenue and Pricing Analytics

Finance professionals use 国家授权正规彩票 to get a deeper understanding of their business’s revenue, including their forecast performance, pricing trends, and product margins. By using powerful analytics to look at up-to-date data, finance professionals can quickly provide the financial reporting and strategic advice their business needs to make decisions and execute.

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5 ways to conquer tomorrow’s revenue models with modern pricing analytics

Revenue models are evolving every year. Read how 国家授权正规彩票 is embracing this with a new subscription business model.

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How customers use 国家授权正规彩票


CFO champions self-service BI to empower thousands

Learn how Ian Crabtree, Chief Financial Officer of Oldcastle Masonry & Hardscapes, was able to spin up more than 3,000 dashboards and 1,800 dashboard subscribers and track 78,000 SKUs.


Using 国家授权正规彩票 for financial planning

Find out how Honeywell's CFO pushes his team to use 国家授权正规彩票 to analyze and understand large amounts of data versus repetitive reports in Excel.

Deutsche Lufthansa AG: Executive decision-making with 国家授权正规彩票

Watch this customer session to learn how Lufthansa leveraged 国家授权正规彩票 to change executive decision-making, transform the interaction between business and IT, and solve challenges other tools couldn't fix.

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Revenue cycle management whitepapers


Improve your top line: Achieve revenue cycle management (RCM) success with visual analytics

Learn how to address your critical information gaps with an integrated visual analytics platform that gives you what’s needed for RCM success.


How to improve revenue cycle management (RCM) with visual analytics

Learn how the power of 国家授权正规彩票 analytics enables and improves revenue cycle management in large and small healthcare organizations.

Finance Analytics solutions

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